“ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING is a show guaranteed to inspire you to live life to the fullest.” Broadway World Check All Reviews
“Ms. Lipari is my new hero.” All About The Stage Check All Reviews
“Her swag is infectious...” All About The Stage Check All Reviews
“Like her spiky hair, she pokes wide jabs at the hypothesis and does it with style, humor and grace.” All About The Stage Check All Reviews
“At times hilarious, at times waxing a bit philosophical as she reminisces, Lipari takes us on a fast-paced trip we can all enjoy.” Pasadena Independent Check All Reviews
“Lipari’s performance is polished, but personal, engaging the audience to identify with her life stories and to take heart for their own journeys.” Big Island Music Mag Check All Reviews
“Watching Activities of Daily Living moved me to laughter, tears, deep reminiscing of my own life of stories, and left me yearning for more.” Katy Sloane Check All Reviews
“She creates a new genre with this show.” Paul Dini Check All Reviews
“This is a must-see show! Brilliant, funny, touching and captivating.” Alex Gansa Check All Reviews
“I was blown away. Her stories are mesmerizing.” Terry Davis Check All Reviews
“Joanna Lipari will make you laugh and cry and see yourself through her one woman tour de force Activities of Daily Living.” Catherine Bach Check All Reviews

Welcome to
Joanna Lipari’s
Activities of Daily Living

When her Medicare card arrived with a special senior citizen “invisibility cloak,” one woman fought back. Incorporating innovative animation, Activities of Daily Living uses hilarious and poignant stories to weave together the threads of a life lived – and one that is hardly invisible. From noted LA stage director and TV writer, Kevin Larkin: “Proving that life is not just wasted on the young, Joanna Lipari’s brilliant solo show, Activities of Daily Living, guided by Beth Dunnington’s spot-on direction, faces the hard realities of (dare I say) aging? Lipari’s journey will stay with you. It is as much your story as hers.”

Written and performed by Joanna Lipari

Prologue/I Chase Ghosts

Activities of Daily Living, a Geriatric Assessment


“The first time I was suspended from school, I was in kindergarten…”

Zombie Suckers

“If I can chase the evil poltergeist from my brain…”

Once I Had A Secret Love

Auditioning can be tough on the body.

The Story That’s Hard To Write

It was great while it lasted.

The Mayan

“I was a modern American woman. My life was eons removed from voodoo…I still don’t know if it was black magic or bad luck.”

Parking Garage

When you get lost in a parking garage, the adventure begins…


“It seems that each of us is a tiny twig that falls from the universal tree. Little twigs, let’s band together.”

Water Runs Over Me

“Water runs over me and through me
to bring forth a wellness that gives me strength…”

What People Are Saying

Broadway World 2/18/2020

All About the Stage 2/20/2020

Pasadena Independent 2/14/2020

Big Island Music Mag 2/14/2020

Tour Schedule

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January 11-12, 20202PM, 7PMKahilu Theatre, Kamuela, Hawai’iPast event
February 7-23, 20202:30PM, 8PMSierra Madre Playhouse, Sierra Madre, CAPast event
August 3-29, 20221:45PM dailyThe Scotsman Theatre in The Gilded BalloonContact The Gilded Balloon

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